About Evezon

We are an unique and unprecedented supply chain system providers offering services from small farmer to large size corporates.


We’re a technology company working on Agri supply chains through our end-to-end product traceability solution. We operate on a hybrid product and project basis, focusing first and foremost on farmers, solving it with a combination of tools we develop, off-the-shelf specialized tools, and third-party partners. We can visually show how goods travel from farmer to consumer, as well as payments from entities back to origin within our network. Our traceability solutions are designed to support increased trust, efficiency, and sustainability within fruits and vegetables supply chains by allowing for the secure sharing of data as well as the exchange and tracking of information and payments.

The Challenge

The major challenge of agribusiness in India is its Supply Chain. India loses 20% of its agricultural production due to improper logistics. Due to the lack of reefer trucks and manual loading and unloading of agricultural produce, this large chunk goes waste. The journey of products from farm to fork goes through a number of steps and at every stage, some wastage happens due to the chain system’s inefficiency. And, most of the procurement of agricultural products is done through Middle Men. Their strong lobby and control over the market separate farmers from corporates and companies. This results in the exploitation of both farmers and consumers by offering lower prices to farmers and charging higher prices from consumers.

The Solution

At evezon, we are developing an AI-based agricultural marketing and supply chain platform intended to revolutionize the fresh produce supply chain and to increase its transparency and efficiency. This platform leverages data science, Blockchain networks, and infrastructure to connect farmers directly to businesses and end retailers. In this supply chain management system, from Production to Consumption each and every process is managed by AI-led algorithms

The Results

With the use of our AI-led supply chain system and block chain networks, we have implemented HUB and Spoke model for smoother and efficient Channel Distribution. Our, shortest route algorithms helps freight carriers to reach the hubs and spokes more easily and timely. And the uncertainties in operational factors, such as unpredictable yields in each field, and external factors, such as meteorological conditions, inputs, farmer capabilities, and pricing volatility arising from a global imbalance in supply and demand, our system will solve the issues using both predictive data science and prescriptive optimization techniques. And, we will offer complete hygienic products to the end consumers by taking proper care during procurement, sorting, grading based on the attributions like Colour and appearance, Taste and Aroma, Texture, Nutritional Values. The packaging of products in our plant will be done in customized corrugated boxes (single use) to offer enhanced quality to our consumers at Competitive prices.